Mel (dropkickatari) wrote,

adventures in providence (there were no pirates)

i hope you guys enjoy photographs all over your friends pages. here we go

i took a trip to providence this friday. on the train over i discovered that if you tilt your head just so while the train is in motion, it looks like all the poles and tree branches are going to hit you right in the face. i took a video- but unfortunately you can't post videos on livejournal.

i arrived around 9:15 and started to wander around

and i knew it was going to be a good day.

after i stashed my lucky penny in my pocket i walked a bit more

under an overpass

until i ended up at felinni's pizza. i remember this place being really great so i stoppped in- it was good but about as good as the upper crust. (i guess when i lived i douglas i was used to rotten pizza joints).

the lady on the chalkboard looked cross and about to throw her pie at someone. maybe it was a shark.

after some tomato pesto pizza i walked towards wickenden street and came across a ferocious lion. then he got mad because i couldn't take him seriously. (there was something about him that was just- well... silly. i couldn't place it). he was apparently guarding the electrical meters.

a while down the street i noticed a bike lock around a tree- or rather a tree around a bike lock. it's kind of funny to think that the tree will keep growing until no one will be able to tell that there's a bike lock in there.

i climbed a fence to take a shot of the highway-

i think the fence gave me tetanus.

walking up some back roads i found a paramedic sleeping on the job. i had to be careful.

i stumbled into a lot and suddenly it was like massachusetts and rhode island were friends:

here are some of the sights.

from the skywalk at providence place:

i usually stay away from malls, but there was some good food upstairs. and i took videos of the people on the escalators.

..(was this intended to be a statement regarding the kinds of people who shop at these places)?

back outside i took a few more pictures.

then i sat by the riverway and relaxed for a good hour and a half.

there was a guy on in a gondola. he looked friendly. i was glad- because if he didn't want his picture taken he might have jumped into the water, swam over and punched me in the face. on top of the bridge there had been some car accident deal going down for about an hour. that's right.

i made my way back to the train station around 8:00. there was a show going on- but i couldn't stay.

that was about it. it was a great day for just a trip on the commuter rail. i should do things like this more often.
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