Mel (dropkickatari) wrote,

tea party

last night christian and i decided to have a spot of tea with our shortbread cookies. ceilidh happened upon our little party and was invited to join in. she graciously declined- having to retire early. she did however leave us with a smaller, more fuzzy substitute:

and so began the party. christian and the penguin hit it off well right away. there was some friendly conversation, and biscuts were had.

then it came down to the last cookies. our fuzzy friend hadn't seemed to have touched his for the duration of the party. "cookies only go to those who fight for them" christian cheerily explains.

mr. penguin didn't seem to know exactly what was going on.

the party was abruptly ended by christain making a speedy getaway with about half of mr. penguin's biscut. everyone involved was slightly confused.

just then julia arrived with a selection of dumpstered donuts and bagels. christian and the penguin set aside their past of cookie rivalry and were friends once more.

it was a good time. as can be seen in the photos, i am working on a sweet pipe made of clay that's going to be totally awesome. as soon as i glue it back together. and take the straw out.
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