Mel (dropkickatari) wrote,

truck adventures

the other day i was elected to drive the truck at work for my whole shift. it was fun. we had our first pickup at a retirement home. it was fancy- but very pink inside. i think i would have gone insane if i had to live there- and maybe had painted the walls red (with what i will not say)

in this photo for some reason the building reminds me of 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'

we picked up a sweet, sweet 70's style rocker from a sweet, sweet old woman.

then at the next pickup shakir discovered where they buried the children. we had to get out of there.

later that day shakir performed an uncanny impression of the late dave thomas:

...and bryan attempted to slit my throat.

i wish i could drive the truck around more often.. it was a good time.
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