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i was thinking of bringing a pocket dictionary to boomerangs and learning words while i was working. at least then i'd be doing something beneficial for myself while i'm stuck there- making better use of my time. i hate feeling like i'm not excersising my mind enough- i need to read more- write more- think more. i've been slacking off with that. i zone out at work. i feel like there are a bunch of cobwebs all up in my head.

speaking of being productive and responsible; we made pot brownies last night. i'd been thinking about doing it for a while- i suggested the idea to christian and then he had eric, laz, john, emi and a kid named josh over. we got the (vegan) mix and i found a recipe online. there was much confusion over the oil situation but we straightened that out and they actually came out pretty good.

we put a lot into the brownies. when they were done everyone got a decent sized piece and ate it right away. after the harry potter fiasco (i am not explaining this) i thought it would be best if i only had a quarter of mine to see how that went before i went too crazy with them. i'm glad i did. i got really high, but in the good way. i didn't feel like curling up into a panicky ball and hiding under a blanket like last time; although it didn't help that christian started giggling uncontrollably when we went to dumpster donuts next door. we were walking down the stairs and he starts off at the top- then i catch it about half a flight down. so we're both giggling all the way down about seventeen flights of stairs (or so it seemed- sometimes i feel like i get stuck in some kind of inter-dimensional warp where travelling up or down the stairs lasts about five minutes longer than it should). i'm pretty sure in real life there are only about four flights. meanwhile, laz and eric seem mysteriously unaffected by all of this.

we get outside. (still giggling). crossing the street is mildly unnerving. we make it, then resume giggling. christian is suddenly a secret agent. he stealthily (or with as much stealth as can be managed while laughing uncontrollably) ducks around like a ninja. so much for being inconspicuous. when we get around to the dumpster he can't fit into the fence and so i'm elected to get in there and get a bag. i can't stop laughing- it's like this horrible disease. i think even so it would have been okay if he hadn't compared me to a badger while i was going through the trash. after that little comment i was laughing so hard i couldn't even manage to get a bag out- christian had to come in over the fence and do it. this was of course after he latches onto the fence going off very over-dramatically about how if anyone came around and found us out that i should stay there and he swore they would come back for me. this didn't help my situation much.

so christian manages to get a bag out and pass it over. good. mission accomplished. then the bag rips and spills all over the parking lot. that's great. laz and i close up the hole in the trash bag and begin to transport it back to the apartment. painting the picture- out from behind dunkin donuts stroll four people- two of whom are carrying a large trash bag and looking about nervously- another two of whom seem to be unable to stop laughing. so much for stealthy ninjas... we might as well have been a pack of badgers wearing party hats at that point.

we get back to the apartment (i note that the inter-dimentional stair warp has caught laz this time as he starts complaining around only flight eight or nine) and get ready to start a movie. we watched about half of kurosawa's dreams before everyone went home. i then fell asleep on the couch and woke up slightly confused with the dvd screensaver bouncing around on the tv in front of me around 7am. after a breakfast (of donuts) i figured since i was up i might as well get some livejournal time in.

and then i found five dollars.
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