Mel (dropkickatari) wrote,

The Dumpster Rodeo- an epic tale of high adventure

there was a rodeo the other day. it was an epic battle- i was lucky i lived to tell the tale. the dumpster had been sassing off when brian decided it was high time it was taught a lesson.

making use of his lightning quick (and cat-like) reflexes in an amazing feat of strength and agility brian scaled the front of the dumpster; nimbly avoiding the sharp pointy bits before arriving at the top with a maniacal look of triumph on his face. [inset]. the dumpster was taken aback.

seizing this oppurtunity to overcome the now flummoxed dumpster, brian readied his rope. there was a mighty struggle. cardboard spewed from the monster's gaping maw- and the sky was black with it. [i was hiding behind the recycling bins at this point- hence the lack of photo documentation]. he prevailed- and had the beast lassoed in half a minute.

the battle was at an end and sir brian was victorious. the crowd cheered. [well, i cheered- being the only spectator].

as reward for his bravery and ultimate sacrifice [his clothing had been soiled in the attack] he was awarded a knighthood in france.
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