Mel (dropkickatari) wrote,

yesterday i got out of work and was heading towards the bus when i ran into haggerty- and got his picture despite protests.

after chatting a bit i took the 39 bus up to the christian science center fountain and watched (and took pictures of) little kids running around:

from there i walked up to the bridge on the river and sat for a while watching other people take pictures of sailboats.

i met a pigeon:

and then sat for a bit taking in the beauty of the charles river.

i walked up to the cambridgeside galleria and happened across a kid jumping like spiderman- (or a ninja) swinging around a lampost and jumping from that between railings of the nearby stairwell. i felt a little rude staring- but it was interesting to see this kid seemingly by himself jumping around like jackie chan. i started laughing and we said hi and introduced ourselves. his name is Jon and he was practising parkour. i got informed and then he wrote down the web site for me to check out. now that i think of it, i wish i had gotten a picture of him.

after meeting Jon i took the D line home. walking through brookline i met this guy:

when i run into him he usually follows me most of the way home. then i feel bad leaving him at the end of the street.
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